White People Won't Save You

A podcast that deconstructs the white savior trope in film, and recenters the Black and PoC chaaracters and actors in them.

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Wednesday Jun 08, 2022

We once again return to the MCU (Mississippi cinematic universe) to finish up The Delta Trilogy. We've seen the Ghosts of Mississippi, wondered if there is ever A Time to Kill, and now we're joined by the wonderful H. Drew Blackburn to witness Mississippi Burning.  This one has it all. The FBI as civil rights heroes, Black people getting beat like clockwork, a white love story, not to mention the screenwriter blaming Coretta Scott King for him not winning an Oscar, and the director claiming reverse bigotry.  H. Drew Blackburn is a tremendous talent who has written for GQ, Okayplayer, Texas Monthly and more! You can find him on Twitter at @Hdrewblackburn and his work at https://www.hdrewblackburn.com/ and hire him to write something for you!  As for us, you can always check us out at @white_pod as well as message us at whitepeoplewontsaveyoupod@gmail.com  We'd love to hear from you! Rate, review, and subscribe wherever you podcast! We'll be back with more next week.   

Wednesday Jun 01, 2022

We welcome back the delightful Danielle G. of Young, Gifted, and Abroad to discuss Wes Craven's most confounding and perhaps scariest film, Music of The Heart.  Starring Meryl Streep, the film draws on the real life of Roberta Guaspari, a violin teacher who berates Black and Brown children for over 2 hours. But the twist is, they love it! So much so it earned Meryl Streep an Oscar nomination.  We talk about a particularly wild scene with Meryl talking down to a Black mother and invoking Arthur Ashe, the pervasiveness of the white gaze, and what the hell Wes Craven was thinking with this one.  Danielle is still going strong with Young, Gifted, and Abroad. Follow her on Twitter @ygabroad and @younggiftedandabroad on IG. And you can find the show wherever you podcast.  You can find us on Twitter at @white_pod and send us movie recs, wild caucacity or just kind words at whitepeoplewontsaveyoupod@gmail.com  Stay safe, find some joy, Happy Pride! 

Wednesday May 25, 2022

We assemble an All-Star panel to discuss one of the most divisive seasons of TV in recent memory, Atlanta Season 3.  Dylan Green, Ifeanyi Awachie, and Julian Lytle come through to talk about it all. The 4 year wait, the anthology episodes, Van, and more.  Does it work? What did we like and what left us scratching our heads? What are we looking forward to in season 4? Only thing we want to promote this week is ways you can help the families devastated by the unspeakable violence in Uvalde, Texas. Follow this link to find ways you can donate and help those in need. We'll be back next week, until then, stay safe, spread love, and tell your local government and federal representatives that we can't keep living like this. 

Thursday May 19, 2022

"You're the man now dog!" And with those words, Sean Connery launched a thousand memes.  This week, we're talking about 2000's Finding Forrester. Joined by the immensely talented Carolyn Hinds (So Here's What Happened) to talk about the very white gaze of the film, that opening rap, If Gus Van Sant has ever seen basketball, and Sean Connery as magical negro.  Carolyn is doing sooooo much, so be sure to support! You can find her on Twitter at @Carriecnh12 to follow #saturdaynightscifi and watch along, listen to the So Here's What Happened podcast with LaNeysha C. and catch her write ups for Butwhythopodcast.com As always, follow us at @white_pod for more behind the scenes and caucacity. And if you enjoy the show, rate, review, and subscribe wherever you podcast!  You can also write to us at whitepeoplewontsaveyoupod@gmail.com  Until next week dogs! 

Wednesday May 11, 2022

On today's episode, we discuss the 2016 horror film, Mr. Church, about a Black man who makes a Faustian deal that binds his soul to three generations of white women. Alright, fine, it's about Eddie Murphy cooking for white people, but still that shit is scary. Helping us sort all this out are the tremendous Rod and Karen of The Black Guy Who Tips podcast.  We discuss the magical negro of it all, Eddie Murphy as dramatic actor, the wild things the writer had to say, and talk a little House of the Dragon and Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness.  Karen and Rod are OG's in this pod game and have one of the best shows, period. If you aren't already down, do yourself a favor and hit the website to find all the episodes, bonus shows, and sign up to be a premium member to get even more content!  You can follow Rod at @rodimusprime, Karen at @saydatagain, and the show at @tbgwt As always, find us @white_pod on Twitter, and write to us at whitepeoplewontsaveyoupod@gmail.com with your movie suggestions, drops, and caucacity. We'd love to hear from you! 

Thursday May 05, 2022

If strikes were microagressions, how many until you strike out? This week we step to the plate to discuss 1992 sports comedy, Mr. Baseball.  We're joined by the phenomenal Cesar Alejandro Jr. of FilmSmash to talk about the great Ken Takakura, the current moment in Asian representation in TV and film, and the many, many rewrites of this film.  Follow Cesar's great work documenting and discussing Asian cinema at Filmsmash.com. It's an amazing blog filled with looks at past and current Asian films all across the diaspora and there's even giveaways for films and more!  As always, you can follow us at @white_pod on Twitter and reach out to us at whitepeoplewontsaveyoupod@gmail.com We'd love to hear your suggestions for films, drops, guests, or wild caucacity you find out in the world. Till next week! 

Thursday Apr 28, 2022

Tupac, Nazis, gangs, and some out of context footage of the L.A. Riots? That can only mean one thing, we sat in on Erin Gruwell’s class and watched 2007’s Freedom Writers. Thankfully we didn’t have to go it alone because we’re joined this week by Brandon Collins and Justin Brown of the hilarious Medium Popcorn podcast. Together, we try to make sense of Erin’s teaching techniques, another Mario performance, the harm these kinds of movies can have and much more. Plus, Brandon and Justin help us decide if a few movies on our list are actually white savior films. If you love our show, you’ll also love Medium Popcorn. It’s a Black ass movie podcast with a funny but insightful look at films past and present. You can follow them on Twitter @mediumppodcast and check out the Youtube page for exclusive interviews and more. Also, check out the Patreon page for exclusive content and episodes. And as always, rate, review, and subscribe if you enjoy the show. Always helps to get those computers ‘putin. You can follow us @white_pod for behind the scenes on these movies and other fun content and you can write in with your thoughts and movie suggestions at whitepeoplewontsaveyoupod@gmail.com

Thursday Apr 21, 2022

This week we journey to one of the 7 Wonders of the World to celebrate a legendary Chinese hero...Matt Damon! We're joined by the author of the dazzling new novel Disorientation, Elaine Hsieh Chou to discuss the 2016 blockbuster, The Great Wall. The biggest American/Chinese co-production to date, and a 75 million dollar bomb.  We talk about Matt Damon's crazy accent, the erasure of Chinese actors in a movie supposedly about them, and of course the major controversy of the Matt Damon casting.  Elaine's debut novel Disorientation has been receiving rave reviews. It follows Taiwanese-American PHD student Ingrid Yang as she unravels a huge secret at the center of her dissertation on canonical poet Xiao-Wen Chou. It's hilarious and poignant and Elaine wants to help support Yu and Me books in Chinatown . It's the first female Asian-American NYC based bookstore and you can order the book from them here!  You can follow Elaine @elainehsiehchou on Twitter and we absolutely recommend her article "What White Men Say in Our Absence" for The Cut.com. It's a powerful piece that speaks to these last few years and beyond.  As always, follow us @white_pod for more behind the scenes, caucacity, and more! If you want to reach out, you can write to us at whitepeoplewontsaveyou@gmail.com . 

Saturday Apr 16, 2022

We have a special mini episode for you today as we speak with the amazing Dr. Nancy Wang Yuen (author of Reel Inequality: Hollywood Actors and Racism) about our new favorite film, Everything Everywhere All At Once.  *Dr. Umar Voice* "Spoilers, spoilers, spoilers".  We talk about all the wonderful performances, the metatextual element of Asian actors getting the space to portray multiple versions of themselves, how The Daniels went from "Turn Down For What" to this, and much more!  Nancy is literally out here doing the work and if you enjoy our show, you need to follow what she's doing. Reel Inequality is available wherever books are sold, and you can find Nancy on Twitter @Nancywyuen As always, follow us @white_pod. Rate, review, and subscribe if you'd be so kind. And feel free to write in to us at whitepeoplewontsaveyoupod@gmail.com with your thoughts, movie reviews, and more. 

Wednesday Apr 13, 2022

We make a return trip to Mississippi this week as we discuss the 1996 John Grisham film, A Time To Kill.  We're joined by the multi-talented Bryndon Cook (Tick Tick...BOOM! and Starchild & The New Romantic) to talk about how a movie could pack so many white saviors into one story. We also ask if this is Samuel L. Jackson's most iconic performance, the absurdity of Matthew McConaughey's final speech, and if we can get a biopic of the Black woman who slaps the grand wizard.  Bryndon is an incredible talent. Stay up with everything they have going on by following the Twitter (@thisisbryndon) and also checking out the website and Soundcloud!   And as always you can follow us @white_pod on Twitter as well as write into us at whitepeoplewontsaveyoupod@gmail.com Send us your movie recs, your white nonsense, and whatever else you've got. Also if you'd be so kind, rate, review, and comment on the show wherever you podcast. Thanks for listening, we'll catch you again next week! 


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