White People Won't Save You

A podcast that deconstructs the white savior trope in film, and recenters the Black and PoC chaaracters and actors in them.

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Thursday Nov 18, 2021

Part two with our special guest, Fiq the Signifier finds us getting into this research and ranking Django on our Caucacity Meter. Did Tarintino make the greatest slavery film ever? He certainly thinks so. Also Fiq shares a behind the scenes story about Leo and Sam Jackson, and we think about how to remake this movie in a way that keeps the exploration but loses the white savior.    You absolutely need to subscribe to Fiq's channel to catch up on all the amazing work he's putting out. He's got videos on everything from allyship, to Bo Burnham's latest special, to the gender politics of Love and Basketball. If you like us, you'll love what he's got going on. Check out his Patreon and follow him on Twitter @fdsignifier  As always, you can follow us @white_pod and write to us at whitepeoplewontsaveyoupod@gmail.com  Rate us, review us, and subscribe! We love you!   

Thursday Nov 18, 2021

We got another two parter! This week we saddle up and head to Candyland with Fiq the Signifier to talk Quentin Tarintino's 2012 spaghetti western slavery revenge mash-up, Django Unchained.  In this first part we discuss what if this movie was made for Black people, the difference between Tarintino and Paul Wall, and the differences between Django and Inglorious Bastards. Also, Fiq learns that a white man directed The Wiz.  You absolutely need to subscribe to Fiq's channel to catch up on all the amazing work he's putting out. He's got videos on everything from allyship, to Bo Burnham's latest special, to the gender politics of Love and Basketball. If you like us, you'll love what he's got going on. Check out his Patreon and follow him on Twitter @fdsignifier  As always, you can follow us @white_pod and write to us at whitepeoplewontsaveyoupod@gmail.com  Rate us, review us, and subscribe! We love you!   

Wednesday Nov 10, 2021

For the first time ever, we've got a fresh one! Dune is one of the most hotly debated movies of the year and the question everyone has been asking us is: Is Paul a white savior? Here to help us make sense of the newest film iteration of Frank Herbert's seminal sci-fi epic is film critic Cate Young.  We get into the central question of Paul and Jordan does his best to play resident Dune expert by providing the evidence for and against. We also talk about the ways to go about adapting stories for a modern era, and try to figure out what the hell was up with the bagpipes? You truly need to follow everything Cate is doing, so check her out on Twitter @battymamzelle as well as her phenomenal Insecure coverage for Vulture, and her awesome newsletter on Substack, 30 Flirty Film.  Films recommended: Eternals, Spencer, Rat Film Please, please, check us out at @white_pod because we will be dropping all of our research for this episode on our timeline, so if you want to read any of these articles and others we didn't have time to mention you can read them there. Also if you have anything we missed our if you think we got this all wrong, hit us up at whitepeoplewontsaveyoupod@gmail.com We love y'all, see you next week!  

Wednesday Nov 03, 2021

"It's me and Steve!"  Talk about killing nostalgia, we look back on a movie we all were fond of (except understandably Jamie) and realize it's one of the most racist blockbusters ever made. 1984's Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom is just a wild ride of racism and misogyny from start to finish. We discuss the infamous dinner scene, how bad breakups fueled the dark tone of the movie, and what the hell is going with Short Round. Plus, we reimagine what a movie starring Short Round would be like (and if he had a real name) and also add a new level to our caucacity meter!   If you're not already familiar you absolutely need to check out Marcus and Jamie's work. Both are fantastic creators and are doing some stand out work.  Find Marcus at @marcuskwame on Twitter and @Marcus_kwame on IG. His book with David F. Walker, The Black Panther Party, a Graphic Novel History is a must have. He is also one of the hosts of the Black Comics Chat podcast.  Jamie Noguchi can be found at @angryzenmaster and has plenty of great work out on Thenib.com and is co-creator of The School for Extraterrestrial Girls series. As always, you can keep up with us at @white_pod and reach out to us at whitepeoplewontsaveyoupod@gmail.com to suggest movies for us to watch or give us your own reimagining's of these movies. Love y'all, till next week!

Thursday Oct 28, 2021

They should have never given Kevin Costner money. This week we take a look at a movie so boring and tedious that we struggle to tell the difference between the 3 hour theatrical cut and damn near 4 hour directors cut. Yes, it's time for 1990's Best Picture winner and the highest grossing western of all time, Dances With Wolves.  We're joined by the incredible Shea Vasser to discuss how this movie is so long yet nothing happens. Also what was up with Mary McDonnell's hair, several wild behind the scenes stories, and marvel at how this movie won so many damn awards.  Movies recommended: One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest, Reservation Dogs.  Please do yourself a favor and read Shea's excellent Through a Native Lens column at Film School Rejects where she breaks down some of the best and worst of indigenous representation in film.  And as always, check us out at @white_pod on Twitter, and feel free to write us at whitepeoplewontsaveyoupod@gmail.com  We love you, see you next week! 

Wednesday Oct 20, 2021

Open your Third Eye's brothers and sisters( and beautiful people between and outside genders), we're traveling back to The Motherland! Craig Hale (of the I Want You To Watch This podcast) joins us as we traverse the Stargate to talk...Stargate.  Roland Emerich's 1994 blockbuster is as messy as it wants to be, playing fast and loose with history and all of our ancestors. We discuss how a white woman is somehow the main love interest, Jaye Davidson flexing to get the bag, and how effortlessly James Spader is able to decipher the Ancient Egyptian language (maybe it's the hair?).  Movies recommended: Space is the Place, The Mummy (1999) Listen to I Want You To Watch This to catch their take on Stargate and follow Craig on Twitter for more takes @Catharticus.  As always, subscribe, tell a friend, give us all the stars that circle the moons of Abydos. You can write to us at whitepeoplewontsaveyoupod@gmail.com and you can follow us on Twitter at @white_pod.  

Wednesday Oct 13, 2021

Oooof. This weeks movie is the highest grossing film of all time but at what cost...at what cost? We're discussing James Cameron's 2009 epic, Avatar.  We're joined for the first time by a guest who actually enjoys the movie, Filmmaker and founder of Unarmed, Raafi Rivero. We discuss if Avatar has had any lasting cultural impact, James Cameron's white savior inspirations for the film, and the Jake Sully of it all. Also, what's up with those ponytails? Recommended Films: The New World, Get Out,  Please, ,please, ,please follow Raafi at @raafirivero on all social media and visit https://unarmed.co/ and support this amazing project! Also check out his website: http://raafirivero.com/ .Very, very cool stuff.  As always, hit us up at @white_pod on the Twitter and feel free to write us at whitepeoplewontsaveyou@gmail.com  Peace!     

Wednesday Oct 06, 2021

This week we're stepping up to the plate with the wonderful hosts of Black Girl Film Club! Ashley and Britney almost chose violence and made us watch Soul Man, but thankfully opted for 2001's Hardball instead. That's right, our boy Keanu is back to save us again.  We talk about everything from Keanu just being a terrible adult in these kids lives, G-Baby's adorable and well proportioned bullet hole, and how this movie is basically all lies (who would have thought?) We also discuss this being Michael B. Jordan's film debut, that wild DMX needle drop, and of course the infamous Hardball music video with all the "lil's".  Movies to watch instead: A League of Their Own, The Mighty Ducks, Hoop Dreams.  Please do yourself a favor and follow Britney and Ashley at @blkgirlfilmclub and find the podcast wherever you get your podcasts. You can find more at blackgirlfilmclub.tumblr.com And as always, subscribe, rate, review, and tell a friend to check us out. We love y'all and we'll be back next week with Avatar!

Thursday Sep 30, 2021

Ten episodes! To thank you for putting up with our nonsense for this long we have a very special episode for you. We're joined by the incomparable Ben Passmore (Your Black Friend & Other Stories, Bttm Fdrs) to discuss Stephen Spielberg's 1997 epic, Amistad. Boy oh boy...this movie. Why is it so long? Why is it so historically inaccurate? And is Spielberg the real white savior? We also discuss Debbie Allen's slave school, Cameron shares a story of unwanted white guilt in public, and we reimagine Amistad from the perspective of the Mende people.  Movies recommended: The Underground Railroad, Roots, Unchained Memories.  Find more of Ben at @daygloayhole on Twitter and Instagram as well as at The Nib Also look out for his new upcoming book These Black Arms To Hold You Up coming out in 2022! As always, subscribe, leave a review, and tell a friend! Find us at @white_pod on Twitter and write to us at whitepeoplewontsaveyoupod@gmail.com  Thanks for sticking with us for 10 episodes, here's to many more! 

Thursday Sep 23, 2021

"We've been spending most our lives..." well, you know the song. This week we go to the principals office with special guest Rhayne Coleman (Carefree Black Nerd) as we discuss the 1995 hit film, Dangerous Minds.  As maybe the preeminent white savior film, what is it that makes Dangerous Minds so...dangerous? Is it the myriad of stereotypes? Is it that random Black grandma that doesn't want her grandchildren to read? Is it how the real life story was totally changed to make it more palatable for a white audience? But still, Gangsta's Paradise though... Movies to watch instead: Coolie High, High School High, To Sir With Love.  Be sure to check out everything Rhayne has going on. You can follow Rhayne at @carefreeblerd on Twitter and @carefreeblacknerd on IG. And of course check out the Carefree Black Nerd podcast and YouTube Channel for much more great content.  Follow us @white_pod on Twitter and write us your thoughts at whitepeoplewontsaveyoupod@gmail.com 


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