White People Won't Save You

A podcast that deconstructs the white savior trope in film, and recenters the Black and PoC chaaracters and actors in them.

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Thursday Mar 16, 2023

Seriously, where do we start with this one. When we found out there was a Steven Seagal movie where he saves indigenous people from an evil oil company owned by Michael Caine, there was only one person to call. Brent from Home Video Hustle returns to guide us through the Seagal-verse and the 1994 environmental thriller, On Deadly Ground. 
A fever dream of a film, Seagal literally fights a bear, survives multiple explosions, drowns Michael Caine in oil, and gives a 10 minute speech on environmental dangers and the wonders of electric cars. 
Follow Brent at @hvhpodcast on Twitter and check out the show wherever you get your podcasts! 
As for us, you can find us at @white_pod and hit us up at whitepeoplewontsaveyoupod@gmail.com We'll be back next week with Disney's John Carter.

Thursday Mar 09, 2023

Look beyond Black and white and you'll find...a white savior?
This week, we once again return to the wonderful world of Disney to discuss the 2000 Disney Channel Original Movie, The Color of Friendship. 
Joined by Twitter royalty Hanna Phifer, we catch up with Piper and Mahree and discuss how the movie holds up, what's missing, and the story of the real Mahree Bok. Also, #blockshaunking. 
Hanna is a must follow on Twitter and is currently writing some wonderful culture pieces that you can find on her website, www.hannaphifer.com 
As always, you can find us @white_pod and at whitepeoplewontsaveyoupod@gmail.com We'll be back next with Steven Segal's environmental thriller, On Deadly Ground. 

Thursday Mar 02, 2023

"I don't know what you've been told. This white savior trope is getting old!" 
This week we head to basic training with the wonderful Shayna of The Geekdown Podcast to discuss the 1994 flop, Renaissance Man. That's right, before Beyonce, there was Danny Devito, Marky Mark Wahlberg, and Stacy "I'll take my grits plain with salt" Dash in this half hearted military comedy. 
Between Khalil Kain being set up as a secret crack dealer and the Shakespeare rap written by Wahlberg, there's a lot of nonsense to get through. We also get into what "two bits" exactly is and if Stacy Dash was ever really one of us. 
Shayna is awesome and so is her podcast The Geekdown which you can find on Twitter @thegeekdown and on their website  https://www.villains.wtf/ 
As always, find us at @white_pod on Twitter and at whitepeoplewontsaveyoupod@gmail.com We'll be back next week with the 2000 Disney Channel Original Movie, The Color of Friendship. 

Wednesday Feb 22, 2023

Believe in the beat! We're jumping back in with Special K and the gang as we discuss Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo! 
We're joined by the phenomenal Jay Ray and DJ Sir Daniel of the Queue Points Podcast to break (pun intended) this one down. This movie is really just vibes so get ready for some laughs cause...what in the world is happening? The worlds horniest hospital, clearly not Turbo falling down some steps, and Ice-T in some crazy outfits. 
We also talk Beyoncé getting robbed at the Grammys and the worst rapper names. 
Queue Points is an amazing podcast exploring and uplifting Black music! If you're a music lover, you absolutely need to check them out. Hit their website, their Twitter and Instagram, and follow Jay Ray and Sir Daniel for all they have going on celebrating 1988 and 50 years of hip-hop. 
As always you can follow us at @white_pod and hit us up at whitepeoplewontsaveyoupod@gmail.com We'll be back next week with Renaissance Man! 

No Escape (Feat. May Ngo)

Thursday Feb 16, 2023

Thursday Feb 16, 2023

You ever think you're about to see one movie, and end up watching something completely different and somehow worse? Cameron and Jordan definitely thought they were about to watch 2012's The Impossible, that takes the tragic 2004 Tsunami in Thailand and focuses on a white family on vacation. But 2015's No Escape is a different kind of disaster. 
The wonderful May Ngo (founder of the Prague writers workshop) joins us to break down this bizarre Owen Wilson family...action...dramedy? Like, he throws his kids off a roof, but then also does a back and forth bit with them right after? 
Anyways, we break down why they can't even tell you what country they're in, the practicality of having a huge sign that simply says "Thailand" on your bridge, and May gives some fantastic insights into what are the likely real life inspirations for this movie. 
May is great, simple as that! Follow May at @Mayngo2 on Twitter, check out her website at www.mayngo.net and sign up for her Substack! Also, she's working on a crime novel which sounds awesome, we'll keep you updated on that for sure!
You can always find us at @white_pod on Twitter and at whitepeoplewontsaveyoupod@gmail.com 
We hope Black History Month has been kind so far despite all the nonsense going on. We'll be back next week with Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo with the good folks at Queue Points Podcast.  

Glory Road (Feat. Niles Abston)

Thursday Feb 09, 2023

Thursday Feb 09, 2023

HITS From the Street was in a Disney movie? Specifically the 2006 sports (drama/comedy?) film, Glory Road. Also staring Derek Luke, Mechad Brooks, and the immortal Tatyana Ali, it tells the story of the first All Black starting five to win an NCAA championship...except the movie is 90% lies. 
Cameron was off doing a secret project, but the hilarious Niles Abston (Dave on FX, Household Name) joins us to discuss why this movie sounds like an AI program designed to write a movie about Black people written by white people. We talk Derek Luke's perm, coach being a hater, and Miami's Black History Month police cruiser. 
Niles is crushing it right now and you absolutely need to check out his special Household Name, up now on Youtube. You can also find him on Twitter and IG at @Niles100. He'll be performing live next weekend 2/16 - 2/18 in Portland and Seattle so check his socials for more! 
As always, find us at white_pod on Twitter and hit us up at whitepeoplewontsaveyoupod@gmail.com 
We'll be back next week with the 2014 Owen Wilson led disaster, No Escape

Thursday Feb 02, 2023

We're certainly not in the MCU anymore. Today we check out what Thor does on his off days...apparently murder a lot of Brown people in 2020's Extraction. Produced by the Russo's (and based off a graphic novel they made) Chris Hemsworth coldy shoots his way through a South Asian country to rescue a drug dealers son and it's exactly as joyless as it sounds.
We're joined by the amazing Elliott Bornemann (of the Youtube channel Hakkunah MaChatter) to break it all down. Is there a better movie here without Hemsworth? What is the fascination with yellow washed out skies in these movies? And what kind of caucacity is going on over in the UK?
Elliott is terrific and if you dig our show, you'll love his Youtube channel where he talks about this movie and more! Follow him on Twitter @Hakunamachatter to keep up with everything he's got going on. 
And you can always find us over on @white_pod on Twitter and at whitepeoplewontsaveyoupod@gmail.com Hit us with your movie recs, drops, and more! We'll be back next week with Glory Road! 

Thursday Jan 26, 2023

We refuse to accept this movie as anything other than a fever dream because WOW! If "this hasn't aged well" was...well, a movie, it would be 1995's The Indian in The Cupboard. Directed by Frank Oz (the man behind Yoda and Ms. Piggy), we've got a lot to say about this one. 
And joining us once again is the terrific Craig Hale! Together we break down a very chaotic movie. How the hell does this cupboard work (time travel?) How does it compare to the original book? And what in the world was the intention behind making his best friend South Asian? 
Catch Craig on the Decoded Horror network where they provided a voice for Graveyard Orbit, a queer speculative fiction podcast that sounds spooky and a lot of fun. And follow them @catharticus on Twitter for more! 
As always, you can find us on Twitter @white_pod and hit us up at whitepeoplewontsaveyoupod@gmail.com We'll be back next week with Extraction! 

Thursday Jan 19, 2023

And IIIIIIIIIIIIIII (deep breath) can't believe Kevin Costner is back again. Yes, this marks the 4th time we've had to talk about this man, this time for the 1992 romantic thriller (?) The Bodyguard. 
We're joined again by friend of the show Rhayne Coleman to discuss Whitney Houston's film debut. None of us had seen it since we were young, and it was quite a different experience seeing it in 2023. 
We talk what was up with Keven Costner's hair, why they kept letting that Black boy near the water, and who we would cast in a modern remake. 
Find Rhayne on Twitter and Instagram @carefreeblerd to check out all of his amazing tv and film reviews and check out his episodes here. 
As always, you can find us @white_pod on Twitter and email us at whitepeoplewontsaveyoupod@gmail.com We'll be back next week with The Indian in the Cupboard! 

Wednesday Jan 11, 2023

Guess who's bizzack? Hollywood's favorite super colonizer returns, as we also welcome back Dare Johnson to discuss Disney's Tarzan. 
What separates this entry from all the previous ones in the series? How about Disney's decision to just...remove all the Black people from Africa? Also, we discuss the best animated film staring an unlikely actor (Bee Movie anyone), an you know we had to flame Kevin McCarthy's dumb ass. 
You can find Dare on Twitter and Instagram @badicaldude! Follow for all of your Anime and Spongebob needs. 
You can find us on Twitter @white_pod and at whitepeoplewontsaveyou@gmail.com
As always, we love you! See you next week with more Caucacity!


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