White People Won't Save You

A podcast that deconstructs the white savior trope in film, and recenters the Black and PoC chaaracters and actors in them.

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Thursday Jan 13, 2022

Now let me see you 1-2..3,4,5...? Sarah, what the hell are you doing? This week we're joined by talented filmmaker Ifeanyi Awachie to discuss 2001's problematic fave, Save the Last Dance.  A staple of the MTV generation, Save the Last Dance has a lot of things going on. Reluctant white savior? Check. Pick Me Black love interest? Check. Stereotypical supporting cast? Check. Every trash can in Chicago on fire? Triple check.  We break down whatever the hell Sarah thought she was doing at the end (I mean she got into Julliard but...), the troublesome nature of Sarah and Derrick's relationship, and the fact that somehow the same choreographer that did this movie also did three of the best Aaliyah videos.  You absolutely need to follow Ifeanyi on all the social medias (@ifeanyiawachie). She has so much cool stuff going on, like the debut of her new film This Thing is Not For You. Find out more at ifeanyiawachie.com  Movie's recommended: Queens (on ABC), Dark City Beneath the Beat, The Inkwell. Follow us over on @white_pod for more behind the scenes on Save the Last Dance and other films. If you're enjoying the show, please tell a friend, subscribe, rate, and review! We'd also love to hear from you, so feel free to hit us up at whitepeoplewontsaveyoupod@gmail.com   

Thursday Jan 06, 2022

Part two! And boy, would you believe some of the things that director Tate Taylor and author Kathryn Stockett had to say? Such as being locked in a hot bathroom is worse than a lynching? Or that Stockett was sued by the real life maid of her brother whose name just so happens to be...Ablene? We also talk about the renewed interest in the film during the unrest of 2020 and the backlash, recent comments by Viola Davis and Bryce Dallas Howard, and reimagine a much better version that actually centers the Black woman the story is about.  We also ruin Cameron's hopes of being in Ma 2, but Cameron rebounds by blessing us with some new caucacity!    Movies recommended: Eve's Bayou, Fences, Widows.    You can follow everything Joelle is doing at @Joellemonique on Twitter and Instagram and listen to The Scrubs podcast Fake Doctors, Real Friends wherever you get your pods.  Follow us @white_pod on Twitter for some behind the scenes info about The Help, and if you enjoy the show, be sure to subscribe, rate and review! And don't miss out on part 2 because the director and author of the book have some...interesting thing to say. 

Thursday Jan 06, 2022

Happy New Year everyone! Hopefully you are safe and well. We're starting off 2022 hot with a movie I know everyone has been waiting for, 2011's The Help.  We had to break this into two episodes because there is way too much to talk about with this one! And joining us to break it all down is the incredibly talented Joelle Monique (AV Club, Vulture, Fake Doctors, Real Friends)  who has THOUGHTS about this movie.  In the first half we discuss how wild it is that there's a love story between two white people in a movie supposedly about Black maids in the 60's, making Medgar Evers' death a footnote, "The Pie", and just how clueless Skeeter really is.  You can follow everything Joelle is doing at @Joellemonique on Twitter and Instagram and listen to The Scrubs podcast Fake Doctors, Real Friends wherever you get your pods.  Follow us @white_pod on Twitter for some behind the scenes info about The Help, and if you enjoy the show, be sure to subscribe, rate and review! And don't miss out on part 2 because the director and author of the book have some...interesting thing to say. 

Thursday Dec 30, 2021

Happy New Year! We're closing out 2021 by talking about some of our favorite movies, shows, books and more by people of color. Everything from Zola to Bad Trip, Underground Railroad to Call Me If You Get Lost. We also discuss the importance of mediocre Black art and if Will Smith is set for a resurgence.  We close things out by looking back on our first few months and looking towards the future. What new drops should we get, ,dream guests to have on, and possibly doing live shows and making some merch!  Our deepest thanks and gratitude to you, the listener, for spending a few hours with us each week. We can't tell you how much it means to us. Hopefully you'll continue to enjoy our foolishness in 2022!  As always, subscribe, rate and review if like what we do. Write in to let us know your favorites of 2021, suggest drops and guests on Twitter @white_pod and at whitepeoplewontsaveyoupod@gmail.com 

Thursday Dec 23, 2021

Happy Holidays everyone! In a very special episode we welcome on our beloved sisters to talk about one of the most racist and agonizing films we've had to watch yet, 2014's Black or White. This fucking movie... We talk about the violence that is Kevin Costner doing a Black girls hair, the disservice this movie does to Andre Holland, and read through the absolute batshit thoughts of one Mike Binder. Seriously, this is some of the wildest behind the scenes we've ever done.  We hope everyone out there is safe and enjoying time with loved ones. It's no doubt pretty wild out here and we truly hope you're doing well. Get that booster if you can, mask up, and hopefully things will calm down soon.  You can find us on Twitter at @white_pod and write into us at whitepeoplewontsaveyoupod@gmail.com  We'll see you next year for our end of the year extravaganza!   

Thursday Dec 16, 2021

It's colonization for the whole family! This week we're joined by Danielle G. of the Young, Gifted, and Abroad podcast to talk about the 2000 Dreamworks film, The Road to El Dorado.  From the Chel of it all, to the colonizer rock of Elton John, this movie was something else. We ask what Miguel and Tulio were even bringing to the table, question the repeated trope of outsiders bringing salvation to indigenous people, and the spicy, spicy reviews of this film.  Movies recommended: The Prince of Egypt, Life, O Brother, Where Out Thou? Danielle has been putting out the YGaA podcast since 2018! That's some incredible work, and if you've ever studied abroad or are thinking about doing it, this is a must. Each episode speaks to a different person of color about their experiences studying in different countries. New season is in the works too, so now is the perfect time to catch up.  Next week we have a very special family episode as both Jordan and Cameron's sisters join to talk about a terrible, terrible movie, Black or White. And the week after, join us for a special end of year episode where we talk about our first few episodes, our favorite Black and Poc media of 2021, and look forward to 2022. You can follow the show on twitter at @ygabroad.  As always, like, review, subscribe if you'd like to support us. Follow us at @white_pod on Twitter, and write to us at whitepeoplewontsaveyoupod@gmail.com  Love ya'll, see you next week! 

Thursday Dec 09, 2021

We got a NYT Bestseller in the house! On this episode we're joined by the immensely talented Justina Ireland (Dread Nation, Lando's Luck) to discuss the 1987 Civil War Epic, Glory. So first off, Jupiter Sharts? Really? Also, we break down the story behind "The Tear", give props to the bevy of Black acting talent, question if Shaw was any good at war, and get into the true history of the 54th regiment.  And if that wasn't enough, we introduce maybe our greatest drop yet.  You can find Justina's books wherever books are sold! Visit her website here, and follow her on Twitter at @justinaireland Movies recommended:  No movies, but read Dread Nation and Reminiscences of My Life in Camp: An African American Woman's Civil War Memoir.  As always, rate and review, subscribe, and tell a friend! Also be sure to send us your brackets for our white madness tournament to crown the whitest savior! You can find them on our Twitter: white_pod and email us your selections at whitepeoplewontsaveyoupod@gmail.com 

Thursday Dec 02, 2021

What a crazy movie... With Cameron out on his acting grind, Jordan is joined by returning guest Shawn Pryor and from the #allpodsmatter podcast the hilarious Vick Damone Jr. to discuss a favorite of the wrap around sunglasses crowd, 1987's The Principal.  Jim Belushi basically beats up Black and brown kids for 109 minutes and we have questions. Like how, and why? Also, is Michael Wright the greatest example of Black don't crack? And Vick hits us with some great Oakland trivia and history.  Check out #Allpodcastsmatter wherever you get your podcast. Vick is out here reviewing the latest movies as well as talking pop culture and politics. And follow Vick at @itsdamone Also Shawn is currently running a Kickstarter for the 3rd part of his comic series Ignition! "Struggling to make ends meet & fighting for custody of her son, Jemele Reid accepts a transporter job, taking Spencer & his "cargo" from Dayton, OH to Las Vegas in a little over a day. And that leads to TROUBLE." Movie's recommended: Lean on Me  As always, rate, review, and subscribe if you want to support. You can follow us at @white_pod on Twitter and don't forget to write to us and send your white savior brackets to whitepeoplewontsaveyoupod@gmail.com

Thursday Nov 25, 2021

On this episode, we travel back to 19th century Japan to answer one of the burning questions of our time: Tom Cruise is really the last samurai? We're joined by the our very first international guest, the super talented Barathan Vidhyapathy of the FOCAL channel on Youtube to discuss Edward Zwick's historical drama The Last Samurai (2003).  So much to get into. Was Kevin Costner looking at this movie like Soulja Boy was looking at Drake? What was the point of Taka's character? Who was the last samurai, and does it even matter if the film is only concerned with if Algren can overcome his past and not...you know, Japan as a country.  We also talk about how this movie is nowhere close to historically accurate, how we could remake it without Algren, and Cameron embraces the void!  Movies to watch: Yojimbo, Seven Samurai, Mifune: The Last Samurai Barathan is very cool and has so many cool things going on. Check out his YouTube channel here for great video essays on stuff like Temple of Doom and Mad Max. Also support the Patreon here. As always, follow us on Twitter at @white_pod, subscribe, rate and review! Also, if you can spare anything, donate to the First Nations COVID relief fund to help aid Native people in need.   

Thursday Nov 18, 2021

Part two with our special guest, Fiq the Signifier finds us getting into this research and ranking Django on our Caucacity Meter. Did Tarintino make the greatest slavery film ever? He certainly thinks so. Also Fiq shares a behind the scenes story about Leo and Sam Jackson, and we think about how to remake this movie in a way that keeps the exploration but loses the white savior.    You absolutely need to subscribe to Fiq's channel to catch up on all the amazing work he's putting out. He's got videos on everything from allyship, to Bo Burnham's latest special, to the gender politics of Love and Basketball. If you like us, you'll love what he's got going on. Check out his Patreon and follow him on Twitter @fdsignifier  As always, you can follow us @white_pod and write to us at whitepeoplewontsaveyoupod@gmail.com  Rate us, review us, and subscribe! We love you!   


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